Sharing the caring

You’re not alone

As a caregiver, you can only do so much. Your time and energy aren’t limitless. Yet, as you may have already discovered, caregiving involves a lot of work:
  • caring for another‘s health (both mental and physical); 
  • looking after their hygiene and changing them regularly;
  • buying medications and administering them;
  • cooking and cleaning more often;
  • shopping for more things;
  • making your home safer and more comfortable;
  • keeping your loved one entertained at home;
  • accompanying her/him in outdoor activities (e.g. walks and trips);
  • managing medical visits, meetings with doctors;
  • managing and planning finances and expenses;
  • taking care of legal matters like health and social insurances. 
You can make your life easier by sharing the caring. If you feel tired or overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. People around you probably know that you’re working hard to care for someone. They’re likely to respect you for doing it. And they may even be willing to give you a hand.
Here are some tips on how to persuade others to help you with caregiving.